Time To Listen Now

(Note: This is not an article in the true sense, but rather an outline/teaser to lead you into a study of your own into the Word of God.)

This is the Bible, Word of God, Book of the Lord, Book of the Law, Holy Scriptures, Law of the Lord, Oracles, Scriptures of Truth, The Word:

·         It's been here since the time of writing; it's the most analysed, dissected, interpreted, commented on, indexed, explained and illustrated book in the world.

·         Whole industries have evolved around its printing, publishing and distribution. It has the most varied price tags: from free to frightfully expensive.

·         It's been distributed worldwide in countless languages and translations.

·         It's available in hard or soft cover and leather or on compact disc, audio or video tape and on the Internet, making it accessible to billions of people.

·         It's the most talked- and written about book in the world.

·         Its words and themes have inspired songwriters, singers, poets, writers and filmmakers for countless generations.

·         It contains the most profound words of wisdom to live (or die) by.

·         In it are the words of life and death spoken by the Almighty, Triune God through His people.

The Source of The Bible Is:

·         Breathed out by God through the mouths and pens of men;

·         It is a divine product;

·         Its content states what God really has said.

The Word of God is As:

·         A torch that shows you where to walk in the dark;

·         A seed that needs to be planted in fertile soil and tended to grow;

·         A sharp sword that penetrates through the flesh into the spirit.

The Nature of the Book is Equal to the Nature of its Source:

·         Fully trustworthy, authoritative, inerrant and infallible;

·         Comforting, edifying, enduring forever, powerful, praiseworthy and wonderful;

·         Is not far off but near us in our hearts and mouths.

Purpose of the Word of God:

·         It is the means by which God makes Himself known, declares His will, and brings about His purposes;

·         It is God's announcement of an impending act of judgement and through which He declares His commitment, promises and blessings;

·         Through it, God reveals Himself in order that His people might know, love, trust, serve and obey Him as Lord.

The Book Demands from Christians to:

·         Trust, obey, be loyal to and live by every word that comes from the mouth of God;

·         Search, compare, study, and teach the Word;

·         Use it as standard by which they judge all that they feel, imagine, think, say, hear, do and desire.

Contents of the Book:

·         Is written as poetry, history, law, prophecy, apocalyptic writing, wisdom literature, gospel and epistles;

·         It has important themes such as the Lordship of God in creation and redemption;

·         It addresses important and practical issues of life, e.g. love, hate, fear, need, desire, family, hope, money, work, play, war and peace in the development of God's Kingdom;

So What?

God's Word is expounded on mightily today by Holy Spirit directly (rhema) or through God's chosen servants. Almighty God is showering the world intensely with His Word today. It is as if He is saying:

O, earth, earth, earth, hear the Word of the LORD! (Jer22:29)

Amos 8:11 warns that when God's judgement begins to take effect there will be "a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD." In times of great distress, God becomes silent and people will "wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the LORD, but shall not find it."

Therefor now is the time to listen and obey, to fill the mind with Scripture and the wisdom of God so that the Holy Spirit can quicken it in our spirits in times of need. God stops talking when we do not listen. Do not be foolish - God's silence is dreadful!

The book You Can Know God shares the author’s experience in God’s silence. The book also contains an invitation from the Living Word.

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