Table of Miracles Part 1


Situation / Context / Problem

God's (Re)Action / Miracle, Sign, Wonder / Effect

Deeper Revelation / Significance for Then and/or Today


The earth was without form, void and dark.

Creation (Ge 1).

Created all time, elements, natural phenomena, plant, animal & human life, supernatural phenomena.

God is uncreated, infinite, eternal and spiritual with incomparable wisdom & power.

Creation. God owns, sustains & terminates all creation for His glory, pleasure and purpose.

Barrenness of earth points to emptiness of the human spirit without God.


Rampant sin, disobedience, murder, immorality, earth filled with violence, did not listen to preaching and only one righteous man (Noah) found by God in entire earth.

Flood (Ge 7-8).

All the fountains of the great deep were broken up and the windows of heaven were opened. Rained 40 days & nights. Water was on earth 150 days. All life on earth was destroyed. Afterwards God gave the sign of the rainbow.

Judgement. Sin results in spiritual death.

A covenant with righteous: protection and provision.

Salvation. Flood points to "total immersion in" Jesus to wash away our sins. The ark symbolically points to Jesus who preserves us from judgement.

End-Time Warning. Jesus pointed to the need for watchfulness. "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man."


The whole earth had one language that unified them. They wanted to build a city and a tower that reached into heaven. God came down to see the construction and to prevent them from seeking security merely in community life and culture, thereby deliberately excluding Him from their lives.

Confusion of Tongues (Ge 11:1-9).

Communication with each other to advance their efforts was frustrated as they began to speak different languages. Their unity was broken and they scattered all over the earth.

Physical Diversity. The sinful and rejected condition of mankind is still visible today in the physical diversity of human language & territory and the resulting culture.

Spiritual Unity. The barriers that divided nations are however removed by the outpouring of Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Holy Spirit (re)unites us with God and the Body of Christ.

Satan's Copy. Acceptance & equality of all religions in today's humanistic society is Satan's attempt to unify mankind again to the exclusion of the only true God. Some world systems attempt to lure and seduce people away from God.


(1) Abram asked God for confirmation that he will inherit the land.

(2) Activation of priestly ministry & dedication of tabernacle.

(3) Gideon asks God's favour on him to save Israel from Midianites.

(4) The Lord appeared to Manoah to tell them about the birth and work of Samson to save Israel from Philistines.

(5) David builds & dedicates altar in Jerusalem.

(6) Solomon dedicates the first temple.

(7) Elijah requests sign that Israel may know Who is Lord.

Fire on the sacrifices of:

(1) Abram (Ge 15:17).

(2) Aaron (Lev 9:24).

(3) Gideon (Jdg 6:21).

(4) Manoah (Jdg 13:19-20).

(5) David (1 Ch 21:26).

(6) Solomon (2Ch 7:1).

(7) Elijah (1Ki 18:38).

Those who witnessed this fell with their faces to the ground and worshipped God.

Testimony/evidence of God's covenant to be with the righteous and that He will reveal His glory to those who trust Him.

Divine acceptance of those offering themselves to God through Jesus (sacrificial Lamb) under guidance of Holy Spirit (fire).

Today, God's Word and Holy Spirit attest to God, His power & promises. Belief in the Bible and obedience to Holy Spirit are essential before a super natural event can be expected.


(1) God makes covenant with Abraham that he will become the father of the nations & his barren wife will bear a son within a year.

(2) Isaac prays for Rebekah his barren wife.

(3) Jacob's 2nd wife Rachel barren.

(4) Angel of the Lord appeared to Manoah's barren wife.

(5) Barren Hannah was blessed by priest Eli.

(6) Zechariah the priest prayed for Elizabeth his barren wife.

(7) Holy Spirit 'came over' Mary.

(8) God also closed wombs because of sin.

Conception of:

(1) Isaac (Ge 17:17; 18:12; 21:2).

(2) Jacob and Esau (Ge 25:21).

(3) Joseph (Ge 30:22).

(4) Samson (Jdg 13:3-24).

(5) Samuel (1Sa 1:19-20).

(6) John (Lk 1:18,24-25).

(7) The incarnation of Jesus (Mt 1:18-25; Lk 1:26-80).

(8) Closing and opening of the wombs of Abimelech's household (Ge 20:17-18).

Except (7), the above births were the results of steadfast prayer. They were all a result of God's grace. The men in (1 - 5) were the famed yet fallible fathers and champions of the nation while John came to prepare the way for the Infallible One.

Signifies God's creative power & covenant love that changes lifeless human spirits (ref #1) into God fearing instruments used for God's purposes of redemption & salvation.

God's people not natural generation. The sterility of the wives emphasized the fact that God's people do not come by natural physical generation but divine spiritual rebirth conceived by Holy Spirit.

Waiting. The first six mothers had to wait for the end of their barrenness. Mary also had to wait for fruition of the Promise. Waiting for a promise and continuing God's work in faith is a prerequisite if one expects a miracle or supernatural intervention.

New life/open womb is received after repentance and forgiveness.

Jesus the Ultimate Saviour. Points to impotence of human nation saviours and Jesus as the ultimate Saviour.


(1) Sin in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Rebellion against Moses by

(2) Korah, and

(3) Abihu and Nadab.

(4) Israel complains.

(5) Disobedience re handling of the Ark of Covenant by 70 men of Beth Shemesh & (6) Uzzah.

(7) Kings messengers sent to enquire from Baal.

(8) Lying to Holy Spirit by Ananias and Sapphira.

Destruction of groups & individuals by fire, earthquake & death.

(1) Sodom (Ge 19)

(2) Korah (Nu 16:31-35).

(3) Nadab and Abihu (Lev 10:1-2).

(4) Outskirts of Israel's camps (Nu 11:1-3).

(5) People of Beth Shemesh (1Sa 6:19-20).

(6) Uzzah (2Sa 6:1-8).

(7) Fire on Ahaziah's messengers (2Ki 1:10-12).

(8) Ananias and Sapphira (Ac 5:5).

Disobedience, complaining, anger, lamenting and great fear resulted in those who witnessed these destruction's.

Judgement and spiritual death of sinful, rebellious & disobedient in the eternal fire.

Missing God's Purposes. Powerful and highly visible acts were performed by God when establishing His purposes early in 4 eras i.e. Abrahamic/Covenant, Exodus/Covenant confirmed, Davidic/Messianic Promise & Apostolic/Church. Points to spiritual death of those ignoring/missing God's purposes.

Fear of God/High Standards. All who approach and claim to serve God must regard Him as holy, glorify Him, acknowledge His rule with absolute seriousness and set a standard of absolute honesty and integrity.


An angel led Lot's family out of Sodom and commanded them not to look back. Lot's wife disobeyed.

Lot's wife turned into a pillar salt (Ge 19:26).

God's wrath and anger caused this symbol of barrenness and desolation be created.

Love of material possessions and disobedient hesitation to turn to spiritual life leads to death. Anything we value more than God becomes a pillar of idolatry.

End-time Warning Jesus also warned about being like Lot's wife in the days of the Son of Man. We should not look back and anybody who tries to save his own life will loose it.


(1) Egypt refuses to release Israel.

(2) Amalek came and fought with Israel.

(3) Israel had to take Jericho securely shut up behind walls.

(4) Amorites gathered against Gibeon who called on Joshua to help them.

(5) Midianites and Amelekites camp against Israel.

(6) Moab rebels against Israel.

(7) King of Syria camps against Israel.

(8) Every time king of Syria planned an attack, Elisha would warn the king of Israel.

( 9) Syria camps against Israel.

(10) Sennacherib of Assyria comes against Hezekiah.

(11) Nebuchadnezzar commands that all worship his golden statue but 3 Jews refuse and are thrown into the fiery furnace.

(12) Daniel refuses to stop praying to God as ordered by Darius and is thrown into the lion's den.

(13) King Herod orders death of all babies hoping to destroy Jesus.

(14) High priest imprisons apostles.

(15) Paul gets bitten by a viper.

Judgement on Enemies, Protection of Righteous.

(1) Plagues (Ex 7 - 12). (see # 10)

(2) Amalek defeated as Moses stood on a hill holding the rod of God up (Ex 17:9-13).

(3) Jericho's walls fell as Israel marched around them first in silence and then with great noise, (Jos 6:20).

(4) God sent hail on armies (Jos 10:11). Sun and moon stand still until Joshua finished their revenge (Jos 10:12-14).

(5) Confused enemy soldiers killed each other as Gideon and 300 men held torches & made a noise (Jdg 7:16-22).

(6) Water miraculously supplied appeared like blood in the morning sun, confusing enemies that it was safe to enter Israel's camp (2Ki 3:20-22).

(7) Syrian raiders were struck with blindness and led away to another city (2Ki 6:18).

(8) Elisha reveals the plans of the king of Syria (2Ki 6:12).

(9) Syrians panic when 4 lepers approaching enemy camp sounded like armies of horses and chariots (2Ki 7:6-7).

(10) One angel of the Lord was sent to kill the entire camp. (2Ki 19:35; Isa 37:36).

(11) Three Jews come to no harm in the furnace. (Da 3:23-27).

(12) Angel sent to close mouths of lion (Da 6:16).

(13) Joseph was told in a dream to leave for Egypt (Mt 2:13-23).

(14) Peter and other apostles delivered from prison (Ac 5:19-23; 12:6-11; 16:26).

(15) Paul shakes a viper off of his hand (Ac 28:5).

Battle for life & freedom is spiritual and not carnal. The Word of God is our sword. Victory in any battle is affected by our:

  • instant & total obedience,
  • exultant praise in all circumstances,
  • deep level of faith and trust,
  • to rely on God, no matter what the odds,
  • deep intimacy with God.

Victory over evil brings glory to God, edification to man and the increase of faith.

God's character of saving love and holy justice is revealed.

The final battle & judgement is yet to come.


(1) God decided to call Moses from tending the flock in the desert for 40 yrs to be the shepherd of God's people.

(2) Israel was freed and had to flee from Pharaoh through the desert to the promised land.

Divine Presence & Guidance.

(1) God revealed Himself to Moses through a burning bush that was not consumed by the fire. (Ex 3:2).

(2) God used the pillar of cloud and fire to reveal His presence with them, to talk from it and to separate and protect Israel from Pharaoh's army. (Ex 13:21-22, 14:19-20).

God's presence resulted in fear and worship yet Israel still sinned against God.

Our calling and guidance today is done by Holy Spirit. Faith & obedience to His still, inner voice is our only guarantee of safety & success.

God's first coming in the cloud was to reveal Himself, save His people and confirm the authority of His prophets. Jesus will come again in a cloud for salvation of the saints, to be glorified in His saints, reveal darkness, judge and reign.


(1) Egypt refuses to release Israel.

(2) The Philistines captured the Ark of God.

(3) Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron after death of Korah.

(4) Israel complained against God and Moses for leading them to the desert without food or water.

(5) David commanded a census to be taken of the number of people in Judah and Israel which was against the law.


(1) Plagues in Egypt. Water Became Blood (Exod 7:14-25),Frogs (Exod 8:1-15),Lice (Exod 8:16-19),Flies (Exod 8:20-31) The plague of murrain on cattle (Exod 9:1-7), Boils blains, or sores on man and beast (Exod 9:8-12), Hail (Exod 9:13-35), Locusts (Exod 10:1-20), Darkness (Exod 10:21-29), Death of the firstborn (Exod 11:1-12:36).

(2) God struck Philistines with tumours and they sent the Ark away (1Sa 5:9-12; 6:1-18).

(3) God was angry at Israel and struck them with the plague (Nu 16:46-50).

(4) God send a plague of serpents that bit and killed a vast number of people (Nu 21:6-9).

(5) David was given a choice of punishment: either three years of famine, or three months defeat by his, or else for three days the the plague in the land. David chose the plague under the hand of the Lord.

The plagues resulted in repentance, but many returned to their old ways again.

The bowls of God's wrath in Rev 15-16 are similar to the plagues and it also shows the final exodus of God's people from the world controlled by a hostile power.

Plagues are to convince humankind that its rebellion is futile and encourage it to repent. The failure of some people to repent makes the final judgement against the source of all evil necessary. (as described in Revelation).


(1) Three months after Israel left Egypt, they came to Mt Sinai & God called Moses up to talk to him and Israel. He confirmed the covenant, gave them the ten commandments, the law, instructions in building and handling the Ark of Covenant and the Tabernacle.

(2) Israel sinned by asking for a king and Samuel asked the Lord to confirm this.

(3) A storm rises on the lake while Jesus & disciples were crossing it by boat.

God's Covenant, an earthly king & King Jesus.

(1) Thundering, Lightening, Smoke and Earthquakes on Sinai (Ex 19:16-20; 24:10,15-17, Dt 4:33).

(2) God sends thunder and rain during a normally dry period in Palestine. (1Sa 12:16-18).

(3) Jesus stills the tempest (Mt 8:23-27; 14:32; Mk 4:35-41; Lk 8:22-25).

God ruled over Israel through judges & prophets. Israel however wanted an earthly king to rule over them.

Many rejected Jesus and are still waiting for the Messiah despite Jesus' miracles that proved His deity.

Earthquakes were used as symbols of God's power, presence, revelation and judgements.

An impressive display of meteorological phenomena often accompanied God's appearance, confirming His control and manipulation (omnipotence) of the weather and creation for His purposes.

Highly visual miracles were used to establish and increase faith and confirm the deity of God and Jesus.

Similar visual drama is used in Revelation to set the stage before the Lamb is revealed.


Incarnation of Jesus.

The appearance of the star of Bethlehem (Mt 2:1-9) guided the Magi and shepherds and revealed the identity of the Messiah.

Jesus warned that signs will again be pointing to His second coming such as increased wickedness, wars, etc.


(1) Moses is reluctant to go to Egypt to save Israel. He thinks no one will listen to him.

(2) Korah & others rebel against authority of Moses & Aaron.

Authority Confirmed.

(1) Transformation of Moses' rod into a serpent proved to Israel & Pharaoh that God sent Moses (Ex 4:3-4,30; 7:10,12).

(2) Aaron's rod buds, bears flowers and almonds, proving him to be God's chosen one. (Nu 17:1-9).

The miracle served to confirm the authority of Moses & Aaron. However, people still rebelled against them.

In Egypt they saw the snake as a symbol of Pharaoh's sovereignty. God used these signs to show His authority over earthly leaders and to confirm the authority of His prophets.

God's Righteousness is the sceptre of His Kingdom.


(1) Enoch walked with God all his life. He lived 365 years.

(2) Moses was in God's presence for 40 days receiving the law. God's presence was signified by the lightning, smoke, etc.

(3) Elijah was taken up by a chariot and horses of fire.

(4) Stephen was being questioned and falsely accused by the Sanhedrin and everybody in the council saw his face as he testified of God's work.

(5) Philip baptised a man, after which the Spirit took him away.

(6) Jesus went to a mount with Peter, James & John to pray.


(1) Enoch taken away by God (Gen 5:23).

(2) Transfiguration of the face of Moses (Ex 34:29-35).

(3) Elijah's translation (2Ki 2:11).

(4) Stephen's face shone like that of an angel (Ac 6:15).

(5) Philip carried away by the Spirit (Ac 8:39).

(6) Transfiguration of Jesus (Lu 9:28 - 30)

All five men (1-5) had a deep faith without which we cannot please God. Heaven is the reward of faith.

The changing of the body from physical into spiritual, points to the spiritual translation of saints from the power of darkness into the Kingdom of Christ. It attests to the future translation and transformation of the saints at the second coming of Christ.


(1) Balaam was bribed by a king to curse Israel.

(2) Jesus & Peter had to pay temple tax.


(1) Balaam's donkey speaks to him, warning him of an angel standing before him with his sword drawn. God used Balaam to mightily bless Israel. Balaam later returned to his evils ways. (Nu 22:23-30).

(2) Tribute money obtained from a fish's mouth (Mt 17:24-27). Jesus despised the commercialism of the temple area but still understood the motivation for temple tax and paid it willingly.

This is the only place in the Bible where God uses such a dramatic sign to change the heart of a false prophet. The uniqueness of this sign attests to the dangers of the love of money and choosing it above God.

God supplies all our needs.


(1) The Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon calling him up to save Israel. Gideon asked for and received a sign confirming that he was speaking to the Lord. (See # 4) Gideon again asks for confirmation twice that God will save Israel through him.

(2) Philistine was taking over Israel. Samson was chosen even before his birth (see # 5) to save Israel.

Human weakness engulfed by God's Word & Spirit.

(1) Dew on Gideon's fleece (Jdg 6:37-40).

(2) God gave Samson great strength (Jdg 14:6; 16:3,29-30).

Gideon's lack of faith and Samson's moral weakness did not prevent God from using them.

Dew was associated (among others) with God's word (Deut. 32:2). Although Gideon was mentioned as a hero of faith in He 11:32, we cannot ask God for unusual actions to confirm His Word already given. God used Gideon despite his apparent lack of faith.

Samson was also mentioned as a great hero of faith in He 11:32. God used him despite his weakness for women and uncontrollable temper. On three different occasions it is mentioned that the Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson. Our strength today is also in God's Spirit.

Jesus is the only Saviour Who had no weaknesses.