Poem: None Like You

(For Worship Leaders)

There is none like you; no other can establish the heart this way,

No speaking voice can teach what your melodies say,

No other lips can prepare the soul, mould it like clay,

To receive His creative hands and to have His way.


Your songs test the spirit as a sounding line measures the depth,

As tuning fork you sound the time for the Spirit's breath.

His appearance becomes your focus till the saints unite,

Their spirits in harmony, singing wordless songs in all their might.


God's Spirit announces His presence, He draws you unto Him,

You become a porous vessel, yet you're filled to the brim.

He'll cue you when He has filled and saturated the saints,

Then call them to go up to the Throne, sing the songs of ascents.


In His hands you will change to become His baton,

Directing all creation to worship and revel in song.

The green belt of the earth, to your voice will sway,

Trees will clap their hands, their feet loosening earth's clay.


Mighty quakes of glory follow in their thundering wake,

Under your voice they continue till God's footstool does shake.

As His minstrel you'll sing and ring worship's bell,

In His hands you're a battering ram into the gates of hell


No speaking voice can cause this to happen,

No other lips can forge worship from all creation.

It’s all your lyrics, it’s all your melody

That'll escort in His presence finally.


Dedicated to Ansa