Poem: No Adversary

No adversary can contest with God's people.

For by His authority we may trample,

Over all the enemy's power and evil.

Nothing shall hurt us till time eternal.


Should calamity strike our flesh,

Our faith in God rallies us together.

By His Spirit in harmony we mesh,

By prayers, we uphold each another.


As we saints seek God's guidance,

On our behalf, our brethren intercede.

Even old adversaries break their silence.

They wait on the Lord and ask the Spirit to lead.


Soon our apostles and prophets lead and guide,

Our shepherds gather the flock and our teachers teach.

As each role is fulfilled, ministries new and old,

Develop beyond the enemy's reach.


Angels from heaven gather around,

They draw their swords and spread their wings.

The praying body of Christ they surround.

Outwards they face to destroy all evil things.


Soon, sheep become warriors, prepared to fight.

The world had now better watch out!

Together, all saints prepare to shout,

The wall of Jericho is what it's all about.


From sheep to soldiers we could never become,

Without your prayers asking God's favour.

For you brethren this verse is sung,

That to you God may double His fervour.