Poem: Landscapes

Travelling to Destiny, you wonder why the journey is so long;

Tall buildings, malls and city scenery is not where belong.

You pass factories and smoking stacks; no, it’s not for you.

No, agriculture's silos and harvesters will not do.

Speed past now, 'cause neither will a country town.

No, carry on past vistas by God's hand sown.


Change is the only thing of which you are sure,

Travelling to places you feel no one should endure.

It’s like living in a tent; nowhere do you belong.

Could this be what God had planned all along?

In all this changing, settling down is useless;

No comforts to enjoy, you feel so rootless.


You know your Destiny, your promised land; your home;

Yet you feel empty, as a foreigner all alone.

You wonder why everything is unsatisfactory.

You worry and hurry; eager to get where you're to be.

Through all this, you do not see God's hand;

That He already has put you in the promised land.


Yet even in the promised land you'll not be satisfied,

Not till God sees your faith and strength ratified.

Your promised land has landscapes of its own.

Don't hurry them by, seeking a place called home.

Settling down and complacency are the same.

As instrument you'll be ineffective and vain.


As God's child you'll always be moving and travelling;

You'll always be learning, changing and growing.

You'll always see new landscapes; it’s part of the scenery.

God's Spirit will always drive you on a forward journey.

Understand that it all will only be done,

When Jesus the Christ's Kingdom has come.