Poem: I Have Seen

I have seen God in creation; from microscopic life to expansive landscapes,

from molten ages beneath my feet, to infinite expanses above my head.

The hand of the Artist I have seen from animals extinct to life today.

I know the power of the Hand that creates life and raises the dead.


I have seen wisdom search the business that is done upon the earth.

I am acquainted with Solomon's wisdom, lost by his flesh in the end.

I have witnessed the birth of man's dreams and visions and their death.

I have watched God prepare minds and hearts of those He will send.


I've experienced attacks from friends and foes, had a broken heart repaired.

My eyes have watched the defeat of my enemies, by God's choice.

I have worshipped from far and near and know answered prayers.

I have seen demons fall at the sound of a child's innocent voice.


I am warm, I have seen the fire of God's heart, the gold of His glory.

I know Father, Son and Spirit, have seen His miracles and power.

I've met Him in our secret place, was held in His restoring arms.

I have the road map of His Kingdom, ways to His strong tower.


In the spirit, I've placed my cloak on Jesus' donkey in Jerusalem.

I have loved Him, sat on His lap, and have received comfort.

I have enjoyed His discipline, love, healing and guidance.

We've shared fun and laughter, also agony and hearts' distort.


My eyes have seen my LORD Almighty's blood flow for my salvation.

My eyes have seen my King, my righteousness, enthroned unshaken.

My eyes have seen all this, my eyes have looked and understand.

I have seen all, yet never anyone who calls to God in faith, forsaken.