Poem: Heart Prayer

No! no more please; this heart can bear no more affliction.

Deceived, ill-treated for years, it has taken up pride as defence.

Its flesh already turned to stone, it's slivers chipping away at faith.

Its mate is caught by evil's gravity; it's friends purposefully silent.

One parent is bound with curses, another is swallowed by Death.

Its child's genes go awry, its health and wealth are spoiling.


A desire for dignity has left a twinge of flesh beneath the stone.

No longer a heart complete, it faintly sets out in search of hope.

More agony is added every day - the twinge of flesh shrinks.

How is God called good, when there's such insecurity and pain?

Places featuring a shadow of God's presence now beckon it.

Ministry to ministry it searches, finding only God's silent voice.


In one final effort, the twinging heart considers its search.

Hope is nowhere below the heavens, it’s directly from above.

God, it’s enough, this dying heart cannot endure anymore.

God, hear its cry and answer its call, God, do not let it die.

God, oh God, by Your silence, You quicken the death of hope.

God delay no longer, do not allow Death to claim its victory.


A vision appears: God fills the bowl of His ladle with gold liquid.

He pours it deep, deep into the heart, arousing the idle spirit:


God continues to transfer more and more of His Spirit:


"Reign, for this heart has finally met it's only Hope."

Dedicated to a hurting friend.