Poem: Daughter

One day, a long, long time ago I thought of you;

I thought of your soft eyes and your warm smile.

I thought of who you would become too;

Of the longing you would have, to become only Mine.


My whole Being filled with pride as I called forth your design;

Inspired by My own image, I moulded your form like Mine.

I destined you to rule with Me and placed in your future, a crown;

For one day you will come to Me, dressed in a royal gown.


I gave up My Son, so you may be free and filled with godly pride.

He's here with Me, right now, mediating on your behalf.

Asking, that the hurdles I place on your path,

Be sufficient to prepare you to take your place with His Bride.


And you, oh creation of Mine, cherished with such love divine;

Why do you trouble yourself?  Must I say this again?

I gave you My Son yet you fear the faces of men?


For you view your self-image according to man's design,

Forgetting that your image was inspired by Mine!

So I'm leading you to a place where My light can shine,

That you may find the love I have for you, within.


Forget man's pressured ways and clones,

Listen with your heart, to My Spirit alone,

As He reminds you that I still think of you,

As I did a long, long time ago.


Dedicated to a lost friend