About Lambanier

The title of this site is from Afrikaans meaning the Banner of the Lamb. Its vision is to beckon nations to hear the account of the Lamb of God. These are but tentative first steps taken in the last week of January 2021. It will undergo many changes, updates and polishing. It will serve as a platform to promote the author’s books and offer a service to South African Christian authors and  Christian book editors, designers and proofreaders.

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About "You Can Know God"

“You Can Know God” is a call to those who desire to know God fully instead of merely knowing about him. The main thread through the book is on why it is necessary to establish and maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord, i.e. knowing him as you know a friend. It is to stir you to live in union with him, to stir you to try to understand him as much as he allows you to, and to prompt you to recognise your role as his co-labourer in the Kingdom of God. To know God is to bring the nations to his feet. To know God is to spread his life, love and light. Read more about the book here and see its Table of Contents. For ordering information see the Contact page.

Calling Christian Book- Authors and Service Providers

Are you a Christian book author? Would you recommend the Christian editor that edited your book to other Christian authors looking for editors? Then you can help us. See the Behold the Lamb Christian Writers’ Service how Christian book- writers and service providers can meet up and help each other.